Exclusive Interview with Jeff Holland, the PR director at Karma.

Karma GS Reservation

We have all heard of Karma at this point, a “start-up” electric vehicle producer with goals of producing over 15,000 cars a year and bringing out a brand new all-electric view capable of over 300 miles of range at a price point very competitive to the Tesla Model S Long Range. So what is the GSE-6? What are the future plans? Are they going for the mainstream market?

This is our interview with Jeff Holland, the PR director at Karma on his take and future plans of production for these new vehicles and how Karma is making radical moves to shift its focus when it comes to all-electric BEVs. This interview was a time for us to quickfire questions to him and ask what the future is and how they plan to catch up to the competition. If you are interested please sit down and relax.

As always please tell up how we did and how we can improve for future episodes and many thanks for your guy’s support with our episodes. We have a lot planned for the future!

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