What do we have in the works?

This is a great question and the short answer is, we have a lot. Since we are currently a small podcasting group with a combined following of over 128,00 followers we have managed to get into come major doors and get some really cool and exclusive content ready.

1. Elation Hypercars (March, 2021)

Elation Hypercars Freedom Is a 1,900 HP Hyper-EV Hopeful

Starting off with the first podcast, is we have Elation Hypercar’s based in Northern California who hope to bring their all-electric Hypercar with 1,900+ horsepower to first stage prototyping in the near future.

According to them, their first car will be powered by a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery and four electric motors that will make up to (approximately) 1,903 horsepower. The battery is a T-shaped unit that’s integrated into the car’s chassis. If customers so desire, they can spec a 120 kWh battery, and that grants a range of (again, approximately) 400 miles on a single charge. And those aren’t the only big numbers. The Elation Freedom will start at $2 million apiece.

We hope to interview Carlos Satulovsky, the CEO of Elation and get an inside view of the production timing and other cool stats.

2. Aperta Motors (March 24, 2021 )

Aptera's 1000-Mile Paradigm EV Moves Closer to Production – Robb Report

We will be interviewing head designer and engineer of Aptera for for an inside scoop of how the car will be produced and their plans for expanding largely into the market when they release. We also plan to ask a few more question which many have asked us recently and really get to knwo their brand.

So what is Aptera?

Aptera is a company based out of San Diego, California with a hyper-efficient 3 wheel commuter vehicle capable of 100 wh/mi and charging from the sun. Pricing starts at around $25,599 and its highest-end variant will be able to travel 1000 miles on a single charge. All of these vehicles are claimed to be “never charge” and hs plans on first customer deliveries in the U.S by the end of this year.

3. Arrival Motors (March 2021)

Arrival expands beyond electric delivery vans with a new EV bus - The Verge

We are planning on interviewing the head of engineering over at Arrival who are planning on completely shaking up the van and public transportation industry by creating micro-production facilities called ‘Microfactories’.

On their website, they mention “Microfactories use our new method of cell-based assembly instead of the traditional automotive production line. They can be deployed quickly – making use of existing commercial spaces and producing any type of vehicle to meet demand.” This should further reduce their carbon footprint and aid in community building.

There are many cool things coming from this company and we hope to bring some cool and bringing new information to space and help provide much-needed information about what they are doing.

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